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Discover the Face Behind Redbeard

JJ Ballard founderThis whole thing started back when I was 14. I got super into nutrition, especially supplements because I hit the gym. I also am playing football as a defensive end, was one of the only kids to make varsity my freshman year in my grade, and I wanted that extra edge.

So, I started using this store-bought pre-workout. It worked, but I started checking out the ingredients, and there was a bunch of stuff in there I didn’t need. Like, why put in all these extras like unnecessary fillers in there?

In 2022, I decided, ‘Hey, I can do better than this.’ So, I ordered all the ingredients and made up my own recipe and mixed it up in my kitchen. For over a year I played around with different types and ratios of ingredients till I found one that I felt maximized my performance, and for flavor blue raspberry was my jam. Side note there are a lot of bad flavors out there.

My school buddies and friends from the gym saw what I was doing and wanted to try my product. It was like I was the go-to guy for workout fuel at school, some people thought I was dealing drugs because I would bring baggies of powder to school for my friends to try. Demand just kept growing. I mean, I had more orders than I could handle after classes.

As time went on I got a sealing machine to pack single-serve pouches and seal them. After school, I’d be in my kitchen mixing and packing like crazy.
Then, my dad introduced me to his buddy, Bryan, who knew a ton about the business stuff and owns a food packaging company. First thing he asked was if my stuff was safe. He didn’t just take my word for it. He sent it to a lab and had food scientists check it out. Once we knew it was safe, he suggested moving from pouches to tubs for distribution. My dad and I built a website to handle all the orders.

I’m just a sophomore in high school, but I’ve got big dreams. I want to add more products and grow this thing. The next thing on my list is coming out with a shaker bottle and protein supplement.

Oh, and about the name – we went with “Red Beard supplements” because, well, I’ve had this big red beard since 8th grade. Everybody knows me as the kid with the fiery beard.

The future? I want to study nutrition and sports medicine, and keep building this business. It’s been quite a ride, and I’m just getting started.

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